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MAFFFL is presently having facilities at following locations at CSMI, Airport, Mumbai:-

1) Facilities at Sahar -

Total JET A1 storage capacity of 30,000 KL and primarily caters to the requirement of Aircraft fuelling at International Terminal (T-2).

2) Integrated Facilities at Santacruz –

A State-Of-The-Art Integrated Facility complying with the latest standards & safety norms is setup at Santacruz. The Integrated Facility mainly consists of :

i. Fuel Hydrant system.

ii. Connector pipeline between Integrated fuel farm & Hydrant System.

iii. 5 nos. above ground JET A1 fuel storage tanks with total capacity of 47500 KL.

iv. Receipt facility of JET A1 through pipelines and / or tank trucks.

v. Delivery facilities of JET A1 from the fuel farm to the aircraft through the Hydrant network as well as through refuellers.

vi. Fully automated fuel farm Facility.

Some of above facilities are at advanced stage of completion.

On commissioning and stabilising of the Integrated Facilities, the existing facilities of Sahar shall be decommissioned.