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Open access-information

Open Access and use of the MAFFFL’s Facilities and its services to all qualified Suppliers on an equitable, non-discriminatory basis and on the common user principle in order to enable the Air Carriers to freely select the Supplier of their choice to supply ATF at the CSMI Airport is made available w.e.f. 30th September, 2021.

Sr .No Name
1 Tariff ( AERA Approved)
2 Storage Capacity
3 Procedure to access IFFF
4 Standard Agreements

Joint Co-ordination Committee (“JCC”):

MAFFFL has set up a JCC, for ensuring effective and efficient performance of the integrated fuel farm facility and Into-Plane Services at the Mumbai Airport. The roles and responsibilities of the JCC, inter-alia, includes the following:

A) Reviewing the operation of the open access system, to ensure that the ATF suppliers and air carriers are treated fairly and equitably.
B) Putting in place adequate monitoring mechanisms and ensure that the integrated fuel farm facility operates in complete consonance with the principles of competition law and fairness.

The JCC is formed by MAFFFL with following members:

i) One representative of MAFFFL.
ii) One representative of MIAL.
iii)One representative of Operator.
iv) One representative from amongst Into Plane Agents.
v) One representative from amongst the public sector Suppliers.
vi) One representative from amongst the private sector Suppliers.
vii) One representative from amongst the domestic Air Carriers.
viii) One representative from amongst the International Air Carriers.