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Procedure to access IFFF

Following is procedure for access to the Integrated fuel farm facility (IFFF):

  • i. The Supplier should be a Qualified Supplier to market ATF in India and would include Air Carriers who can bring the ATF for their own use via the Aviation Fuel Facility.
  • ii. Supplier should enter into the Airport Agreement with Airport Operator.
  • iii. Supplier should enter into following agreements:- a) Standard Tripartite Agreement (Supplier) – with MAFFFL and Fuel Farm Operator appointed by MAFFFL. b) Standard Into Plane Agent Agreement – with at least one of the ITP Service provider (MAFFFL’s sub concessionaires i.e., BSSPL and IOSL).
  • iv. Supplier should enter into an ‘Indemnity Agreement’ (As per the “Standard Tripartite Agreement (Supplier)”).
  • v. Supplier should furnish Performance Security. (As per the “Standard Tripartite Agreement (Supplier)”).
  • vi. The Supplier should demonstrate, to the reasonable satisfaction of Operator, that the Supplier has taken out and maintains an insurance cover, where under the Operator and other parties to the Indemnity Agreement are co-insured, for a sum not less than 1 billion US$ or as per the IATA norms, as revised from time to time, in respect of claims in connection with or arising out of fuelling operations (‘Aircraft Refuelling Liability Insurance’) whereby Operator and the other parties to the Indemnity Agreement are indemnified by such insurance with the condition of waiver of subrogation against the parties to the Indemnity Agreement.
  • vii. The Supplier should provide evidence that it has access to DGCA approved laboratory testing facilities for the testing of the quality of ATF.
  • viii. Supplier should have valid supply contract with Aircraft Operator to supply ATF at CSMIA.
  • ix. MAFFFL has limited office space, which can be allotted to suppliers on first come first serve basis on same access fee per unit and terms & condition for all suppliers. (As per the “Standard Tripartite Agreement (Supplier)”). Supplier have to enter into an Access Agreement with MAFFFL for office space if they are desirous of availing the same.